Half of the viewers experience when watching any video is the audio. A good sound track can change the mood, a well delivered line can have emotion and sound effects can make a scene feel more real.

We recently produced some content for a drinks maker, they wanted some educational cocktail videos that show their viewers how they could use their new spirit in good old favourite cocktails.

When we were looking back over the footage we decided to put a few trailers together and found that the whole experience was lacking without some sound effects. The problem we had was that the shoot was noisy as we discussed the cocktails while filming and the audio from the day wasn’t useable. The solution, drop by the shop, buy a bunch of things and get our microphones out to start the sound board again.

Armed with a selection of mixers, ice, fresh fruit and a several shapes of drinking glasses we got to work. The pack we created has over 20 sound effects, which are all available for free download should you want to use them in your own projects. Things like bottles opening, the fizz of a freshly poured mixer and ice dropping into your glass from a height. The fizz of a bottle opening and the mixer being poured into the glass really sells the shot and we’re thirsty just thinking about it. So, hit play and check out what we got up to this week.

Get your free pack from our downloads page, here.